Tom Hardy



Mika being “Driven to Extremes” by Tom’s rap music

Hilarious Hardy!

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Yay, I’m alive!


The Dark Knight Rises Cast all together!!

Look at how derpy the first picture faces are.


Must have been some sort of warrior after party


tommy as bill sykes!


Last November, while filming Mad Max in Namibia, Tom contributed a wonderful sketch to the Bear With Me fundraising project for the Great Ormond Street Hospital. 

“The lovely Tom Hardy showed us his drawing skills in support for the Bear With Me project. He has given the project his full support and we’ll be auctioning off his piece of art at the close of the project to raise even more money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Thanks Tom!”

Seems Tom’s artwork and others (Nicholas Hoult also drew a cute red bear) will be auctioned next month, according to this post about another contributor:

7 JANUARY 2013
The fantastical Philip Reeve has contributed this sterling piece of art for our famous bear collection. It will be auctioned off with the other famous bears in July with all money going to Great Ormond Street Hospital. 

So a chance is coming up to help a very worthy cause by acquiring an original Tommy Hardy drawing. NOT A BAD DEAL ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ  Bear With Me facebook